Wednesday, December 17, 2008

National Geographic Special Report!

by staff reporter and photographer Angela B
AP Wire, December 17, 2008

DISCOVERED! Lost Species of Kookaburra

A recent expedition into the wilds of the Mississippi, USA countryside have net an amazing discovery by scientists: a distant cousin of the Kookaburra, native to Australia. This cousin has been aptly termed the 'King Fisher of Tree Stumps,' more lovingly regarded by the expedition team as "The King of the Tree Stump" or, "Tree King" for short.
Photojournalist Angela B captured amazing up close and personal depictions of this creature, residing in his natural habitat.
"The discovery of the King of the Tree Stump was a remarkable moment for all of us." Angela reports. "As we happened upon the creature, each of us had to take a moment to acclimate our minds to what it was we were actually witnessing: a Tree King in the wild, maintaining his territory. It was a thrilling discovery, indeed!"
Watching this magnificent creature in the wild for some time, the expedition team had opportunity to observe how this marvelous being manages his personal domain.
"Yet another striking moment was when the Tree King actually turned toward us, and we were able to observe his facial features. Uncanny it was, to note the reflection of emotions, and the mark of thought upon his face." reported Angela.

"We were careful to keep our distance, however! The King of the Tree Stump is certainly a ferocious beast - not only sharing in his distant Kookaburra cousins' maniacal laughter, but also baring talons of a falconry sort. The likes of which could tear the meat off of its' prey in one fell swoop of determined action."

The amazing discovery will prove to be noted in scientific circles for years to come, as the study of this magnificent creature continues. National Geographic will be on the scene, taking note of what the effects of integration with humanity will have upon this previously unheard of species.


Joyce said...

ROTFL!!! Wonderful!!

Linda said...

Too funny!!

Great photos!

LaDonna said...

Amazing! I wish I had one of those creatures in my backyard. ;)

Wendy said...

I love it!

The close up of the little creatures striped bum climbing the stump is my favorite.

Great action shot.

mideastmom said...


Dh, who was leaning against me as I scrolled through, said, "Doesn't look like me" when I commented on how cute he was. Don't mind him. He has this thing about kids having to be genetically related to him to be cute. :-P

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Beth said...

I love your creativity, Angi!

gilSilvers said...

surmounting a log
is no mean feat for a man
regardless of age

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