Sunday, December 28, 2008

Horse Sitter

Little did I know I had entered myself in the latest rodeo when I appointed myself the official Horse Sitter recently.

Seems my daughter's horse, Zeke, had taken a liking to leisurely grazing the pasture without any task being required of him.

My morning spent in the round pen and subsequent trail ride thereafter was nothing short of a battle of wills: his vs mine. Bucking, tossing his head, stopping dead in his tracks, attempting to bolt, attempting to shy away from his shadow . . . all indicators that he desired to be the boss of the show. I wasn't having any of it. It took all my years of horse knowledge that I'd stored away in my cranium to put him on the straight and narrow.

For the record, I won . . .but it was a battle hard fought, Choosers. See those ears, finally attuned to my voice, my leg cues?

I can't wait to hit the trail again!


atara said...

My DH wants to learn to ride so badly! I told him that could be his homeschool class with our son when he is older!

Sharon (sk) said...

Luuuuucky! I used to ride a lot before I was married. I loved it. :)

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