Monday, December 22, 2008

*Blank Stare*

It's one of those mornings, folks.

A delightfully busy weekend ends at two am Monday morning. By 8:30 am our house is up, blearly-eyed, yet moving and bustling ~ all while the Li'l Man is out of sorts in a big way.

momentary distraction of play followed by

This, Choosers, is why I finally sit at task, only to find I've a *blank stare* of a brain today.

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Karen/flutter2you said...

Not up until 8:30? Day's half over!!! LOLOL

Hey, there's no doubt about it now - it's going to be a VERY WHITE CHRISTMAS in New Hampshire!!

More than enough to roll around in!!! Make angels, etc... Unfortunately, temps are to dip into the "stupid cold" zone tonight - wind is howling - there won't be any outdoor play time with the grandgirls tomorrow if it's like this!

Missing you, and thinking of you.. in Warmer Mississippi!!!

Love you!

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