Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Creative Juices

It is cyclical with me.

Periods of intense creativity followed by (fill in the blank next unique activity that catches my attention).

Very recently, a spring cleaning project turned into a refurb-of-purpose to the back room. A bedroom-turned-office is now a psuedo-office-turned-craft-room.

I love the ability to walk in, work on a project, walk out and close the door behind me, only to return to pick the task back up at my leisure.

That brings me to the topic at hand.

One might think that the creative ideas flow as one is diligently working on the latest idea to cross one's mind.
Not so with me.
The room is merely the final stage of the concept that comes to mind. It is the execution chamber of all things crafty.
Ideas arise fast and furious while I am tending to other things, often causing me to necessarily stop what I'm doing and create a 'note-to-self' of the visionary end-result my mind's eye has created.
Yesterday, while completing one of the most menial duties of all - scrubbing the kitchen floor - I was stunned in sheer delight and amazement to find that the Lord was knitting together a series of a-b-c-style thoughts that had been swimming around in my cranium for weeks. Suffice it to say, I am very excited! A compiling of several of my passionate pursuits all rolled up into one big executive suite of expression.
Now that is what I call creative.

Stay tuned, Choosers. As you well know by now, my adventure is your adventure! {{rubbing my hands together in glee}}

So. Question du Jour:

Under what circumstances do your creative juices flow most freely?


atara said...

Wow, your stuff is AMAZING!They would make great Christmas gifts or sold on www.etsy.com My creative juices flow best in one of two ways: either over break time or while I'm in the middle of doing menial work I think of something. Basically, it comes when I'm not trying and/or mentally bogged down.

Joyce said...

My creative juices flow when reading a magazine or book with ideas (I jump to how I would do it), cruising the internet, in a quilt or craft shop, or in the sewing room itself.

Yippee on the craft space you don't have to put away!! :)

Missus Wookie said...

Like you I find whilst allowing my mind to wander or doing other stuff is when I suddenly have creative thoughts.

I LOVE having a craft space that I don't have to put away... it is in the middle of our room so I have to keep it tidy but that is o.k.

Dontcha love those Heidi Swapp handwriting rubons?

mideastmom said...

While washing dishes. The menial task to which I devote the most of my time.

Karen (KayKay) said...

I love your things! I agree with you. My creativity is at it's best when doing other tasks that don't require thinking. I also come up with great ideas while in the shower. I love long leisurely showers just for this reason.

Karen/flutter2you said...

Creative juices? What are those??? LOLOL

In all seriousness, my creative juices flow best once I have put away the things and thoughts of the day and am lying in bed in preparation of slumber. Poetry, story thoughts, Christopher's Legacy ideas, etc., seem to flow in abundance at that time - unfortunately, I am usually too tired from the "normal" stuff to get up and write it all down~~ So I rely on memory to get me through until I can heave my body out of bed the next morning to make notes!

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