Friday, December 19, 2008

Lonesome Gig

Travelling the road, destination unknown.

To fame and fortune?

A name of reknown?

Or a quiet respite of muse from within;

the dance of the fingers of a musician.

It seems no one notices this Travelin' Man ~

Alone with his guitar, pick in hand.

Perhaps that's the way he'd like it to be . . .

The road, his instrument, his heart song and he.


Dawn Sodini said...

Is he auditioning for an amazing role?

Beth said...

Israel can make himself comfortable most anywhere, can't he. He looks quite content to sit there with his guitar...for a bit anyway. Great choice of seats...

Mom to 4 Sweeties said...

LOVE that he is sitting in (I assume) his brother's car seat!! So sweet!

Annette said...

His photos always come across with such character. I assume he's every stitch of it and more.

gilSilvers said...

rounding the corner
of boyhood and man
on a streetcorner six string

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