Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Well Travelled

Keller, intent on making it as far down the hallway as he could in the fastest possible time, prompted me to grab my camera out of the diaper bag seated next to Israel in the small lobby of the office. The floors were an ornate blend of marble and delicate tapestry. Perhaps the lighting would grant me a suitable photograph of my growing boy in unique surroundings.

I knelt, photographer fashion and poised with my steady lens. Suddenly, and unmistakably, I was awash with a series of emotions, all surrounding the last six months of not only my family's, but also, and in particular, Keller's life.

Tallying up quickly in my mind, I counted.

Warner Bros
Disney . . .

and the list continued. In my little boys' [thus far] short life, he has crawled many a hallway or office floor of the big leauge motion picture and/or television giants. He's captured the heart of countless hundreds of folks, in his typical Character -Study-Followed-By-[if you pass the test]-Big-Grin way.

Yes, my entire family has been graced with this self-same type of honor . . .but my infant son? My infant son??

He'll no doubt not recall a single instance of any of these encounters. Furthermore, as life speeds at breakneck pace forward, it may very well be that these fleeting vestiges of heavy hitters in the entertainment industry may be as naught by the time he arrives at adult status. Similar to the generations before saying, "Charlie Chaplin who?" and "Greta Garbo? Who is that?" and, much more recently, "Who is Shaun Cassidy, Mom?" Those who will have taken center stage years from now will most certainly have evolved into another brand name of stardom and success.

What, then, the impact - not outwardly - but inwardly on my little boy? L'il Man, as he is so called by the numerous nameless faces that have interacted with him?

That remains to be seen.

Yet the wonder of it - the knowledge of just where his tiny knees have trod - is worthy of a moment of meditative contemplation today.

The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in kings' palaces. Proverbs 20:8


Missus Wookie said...

Gorgeous imagery and so true too! TFS :)

mary grace said...

God's plan is clearly enveloping your entire family ... not just your eldest son. And the fruit? Still in blossom form, I imagine. :-)

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