Monday, May 26, 2008

Does He Have What It Takes?

Let's face it.
We were all, at one time, 13, innocent, and absolutely void of any ability to rightly judge what 'handsome' is and was. I've got proof!
Out of sheer curiosity, when Tanya mentioned her heartthrob as being Jimmy McNichol, I thought, "Who the heck is that?" (I know, I know . . .) and discovered, thanks to Google images, that "OH!!! Of course!! yeah. He was a hot babe!" See for yourself:
Ummm . . .John Schneider never really caught my eye. Do you suppose it was because I lived in the country with country boys all around?
I'll readily admit, John Stamos is a cutie. But, he came along a few years to late. I had already passed up that 'puppy-love' stage. Matter of fact, I think I already had a child or two. Hmmm.
Kirk Cameron? Yeah. He was a verifiable heartthrob. But once again, he didn't catch my eye as he did others.
Andrea mentioned Menudo. Um, girl? Me thinks you've got it bad for Spanish speaking "babes"!!! LOLOL

And of course, our sheltered one, LeAnne reveals the fact of the matter. Some parents just don't let their kids get out much! LOL Michael W Smith never held much sway over me. Of course, I didn't get AM radio, either.

But there's one ~ one handsome fella in the bunch of Confessions of the Teenage Heart that really had a two thumbs up! None other than Shawn Cassidy! Yep! Now we're talking! Could he possibly. get. any. cuter?????


Yet confession time isn't complete until I give it up myself. Shawn was great and all . . .but no one ~ absolutely NO ONE compared to THIS piece of work, the most cutest guy ever to hit stardom: LEIF GARRET!!

[Ahem] Are you done laughing yet?

I know . . .to see him now, one wonders . . .

But give me credit! I was 13. for pete's sake!! LOL

Well, enough of the walk down memory lane; enough toying with your affections for one day; enough taunting you by pulling on your heartstrings once again.

The fact of the matter is that now we're looking at this industry from the other side of the coin. Now we're MOM's and GROWN-UP's and all adult-i-fied 'n such. Now we're talkin' about this here young'n, my son, Israel:

Egads! Are the teeny-bopper girls of today going to swoon over my son, drool on their pillows at night, just like we did back then??? YIKES!

How do I feel about that?

And in what manner shall the rudder of Israel's life ship be guided? Heaven forbid he walk in the footsteps of those who've been used up and tossed aside like trash. Heaven forbid he become a statistic.

Instead, may the Lord be his shield and stay. May his footsteps be ordered of the Lord, and may he not stumble.

Guess we've got our work cut out for us. This training up a child in the way he should go. Wisdom and understanding we shall call our sister and kinswoman. There's no other way to do it. But by the grace of God.

So, as I unveil the winners today, my request is that you lift us up, asking the Lord to guide us with His eye. To use us, yes. May we be vessels of honor in His hand unto His eternal purpose of good. ")



Here are the winners:





WoooHOOOO! You'll each have proof that "you knew him when" headed your way, plus a suprise happie from my heart to yours! Email your mailing address to JaJireh (at), and watch your mailbox! (Oh! You can even request which heartthrob pic you'd like to own: Regular kid; Sad kid; or Smart kid. Just email your choice!)

What fun, this adventure we are on . . .

Until tomorrow ~

Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Psalm 68:19


Miss Monica said...

Wooo Hooo!!! I actually won something! =)

Does anyone else see a slight resemblence between Leif Garrett and Israel?

Praying for you all as you walk this Adventure.


Kim & Dave said...

Well, that was a walk down memory lane!!

However, I was just wondering, where were the pics of Ralph Machio & Rickey Schroder????

Wendy said...

Well I was going to get on here to say that Leif Garret was the only guy I remember ever having a celebrity crush on. Now I am afraid if I say it you will think I am being a copy cat. It is the truth. I cross my heart. :o)

My best gilfriend LOVED Steve Perry, the lead singer from Journey. I really never got that. Now the man could sing but I didn't think he was particularly purdy.

trey said...

I won!!! (jumping up and down)

I won!! (jazz hands)


Menudo ROCKS my friends!! giggle..

(apparently I was destined to love the Spanish culture, even from a young age!!! )


IsAMom said...


You and I are so the same age. I'm so with you on the Shawn Cassidy and Leif Garret thing. Had both their "only" alblums. But oh, how coud you forget the most awesome of them all...

Rick Springfield singing Jesse's Girl. Oh swoon...he had it all.

Go here for a treat...

Annette in MN

Joyce said...

That was his name... Leif Garrett. LOL The other one next to Shawn Cassidy.

I've thought of that... Israel plastered over the girls' rooms. Oh yes! He is too much American cutie!!

Monica said...

I received my prize and surprises. Thank you! FWIW, my mother was here when I got the mail, and she just didn't "get" it.

"Why in the world would a stranger send you stuff like 'that'?" !!!

Alas...I was THRILLED. You made my day. Thank you!!! And lots of hugs and love right back atcha! =o)

Andrea said...


I will "TWINKLE" as much as I can my friend...

And my 11 & 8 year old boys have memorized and categorized their new "favorite" TV face...!!!


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