Thursday, October 09, 2008

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

I suppose you-all think I just sit around all day, eating bon-bons and sipping coffee, don't'cha? Well, I've got photographic proof that it *just.ain'!*

Why don't you fasten your seat belt, while we take a little ride? A typical day in the life.

Sparing you the gory details of a normal morning filled with school books, showers, and sibling gnashing of teeth, our work day can begin anywhere from noon on. Once out the door, it's anybody's guess what time we might be able to say, "It's a wrap!"

On this particular day, three appointments were in store for us. Three different 'cities' of the greater LA area. First stop? A theatrical audition at a major network's administrative offices.

Please note my need in this instance to self-entertain. A portrait of the fam, perhaps? Note the long, dismal hallway and the wall-side seating. Can you spot the tiny sign in table?

Wait a minute! My Kids! What ARE they doing? The living comedy machine of Aubrey and Israel appears to be in full swing. Egads:

Finishing up there (and not quickly enough, thanks to the comedians, if I might add!), we are now scheduled to be about 20 miles away ~ in two hours. Not enough time to go home (because of traffic), but too much time to just drive there and wait in the car. What's a gal to do? Treat the kids. Lunch out.

This particular day, we walked from the aforementioned studios to the local burger joint. The day was beautiful, and the traffic heavy. We have become stellar students of pushing the "walk" button at pedestrian intersections. Please drink in the beauty of the palm trees.

You are welcome.

Please note the teenaged use of the cell phone.

After lingering over [a misnomer, I assure you] a fast food meal, we drive toward our destination. Consider it a Sunday drive, as we've still a large amount of time to whittle away. A VERY unusual occurrence transpires: I spy a Starbucks. In a dramatic flair for the unheard of, I pull over on a side street, and allow the children to imbibe a caffeinated concoction.

Of course, it wasn't *all* about the Starbucks. I stealthily parked beside a city park. After purchase, we took a stroll past the numerous sleeping homeless folk, and followed the footpath to the pond, where:

My country-raised children immediately took to the grasp of nature, even in a contrived setting. We spent quite a bit of time here . . .the only disagreement between siblings was the sharing of corn puffs to feed the ducks!

Even Keller was content to enjoy the out-of-doors.

Please note the teen-aged use of the cell phone.

Soon, we are off again ~ our destination? A commercial audition. These typically go quickly, in an in-and-out sort of fashion. But one never knows if the office is on time, or running behind. Today, we hope they are on time, as yet another appointment is in store for us.

Sure enough, quick as quick can, we are in and out without a difficulty. Next!! This one is practically just around the corner. Upon completion, the day could be considered done.

Uh, but no.

It is rush hour in the big city, folks. And we are woefully situated next to three major intersecting arteries. That means . . .yup. You guessed it. Either join the rat race and sit for hours . . .or, kill time on the promenade.

We choose the latter. It is an enjoyable stroll while we people watch. We make the most of it.

Invariably, no matter how long we wait when we go *here* we still encounter that rush hour snarl. This particular day, we returned to our car at 6:35 pm. Rush hour should have settled down, right? Um, no. Snaking our way through the cluttered streets, we opened the door of our home at 8:15 pm.

Grand total: 8 hours out and about in the big city, not counting the regular necessary deeds of the day.


Now! If you don't mind, I'm going to open a box of bon-bons . . .


Dawn Sodini said...

Enjoy the chocolate! Mia wanted to know if you and Aubrey could see her? I explained of course- back to cursive practice.

Traci said...

You deserve the whole box if you've been navigating LA traffic! I don't even dare attempt it. I didn't drive until after I left the area!

Mrs. B. said...

Was this before or after you forgot to pick up laundry detergent?

mary grace said...

Vanilla or chocolate, dear?

Wendy said...

Enjoy your bon-bons.

You earned them. :o)

val said...

You think you have it bad in sunny LA? After getting Annie to school at 8 am and 8 hrs of work, I just finished making a batch of chili because there is SNOW in the forecast for tonight. Cry me a river sis! lol love ya!

Missus Wookie said...

Never understood the "rush" in rush hour myself. However we also tend to wander around London in preference to dealing with the tube/bus at that time of day.

And the teenage/cell phone photos made me laugh :)

Hope you enjoyed your bon bons!

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