Thursday, September 11, 2008

SuperBaby And Other Tales

Yesterday was a banner day for the diligent learner of all things upright.

Taking not the occassional opportunity, but practically every opportunity to hoist himself from a seated position - sans an object nearby to balance himself - Li'l Man made great strides in perfecting his technique.

He decided to make a game of it.

Incorporating a game he plays with Daddy, Keller created his own stylized version. It went thusly:
  • Stand on the bed.
  • Look about proudly, and maintain balance as long as possible.
  • Play with fingers whilst doing so.
  • Once balance begins to wane, utilize the topple effect (and thereby bewraying any *unintentional* fall on ones' part)
  • Throw onesself forward, in flying superman fashion, to the mattress below.
  • Laugh.
  • Hoist onesself up again.
  • Repeat.

No doubt the countless tosses onto a stack of pillows while Daddy, in singsong-y voice says: "SUP-er-man!" has had a profound effect on the tot.

I wonder if a flying circus is in anyway, shape, or form in our future.



LeAnne said...

your lil' man is so stinkin adorable :)

gilSilvers said...

Awwww. Daddy would be there to play Su-Per_Baby with you, if only I could. Daddy loves you.

Beth said...

So cute!

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