Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stride Right

It's happening.

The light bulb moments of "Aha! I can do this!" as the brain synapses of Li'l Man come together in a triumphant declaration.

In his own contemplative way, Keller is practicing standing upright, all on his own.
ETA: This photo is brought to you courtesy of one and a half hours of consistent, persistent work on my part, via the tricycle. You are welcome. :D
I am crying.


mary grace said...

Cue the dramatic swell of Disney music ....


A new fantastic point of VEEEEEEE--YOOOOOUUUUUUU!


Dawn Sodini said...

Ah, yes Mom, I think it's starting to make sense!

Karen/flutter2you said...

Don't cry! The picture looks great!!! Patience is a virtue - tough in this world of "instant messaging, etc., but the final results are awesome! Sometime, you'll have your "bells and whistles" back - but for now, enjoy the little things (even if they take a while to share!) We'll appreciate them all the more!

Monica said...

So serious!!!

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