Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Friends Don't Let Friends...

fly their doggies in an unfit airline crate!

Every canine needs a job to do, in order to feel an integral part of the family. Therefore, the DellDog took up the task of Demonstrator Dog for a worthy cause: his DNA is coming to visit!!

As you tell by the look in his eye, he's got that 'big brother' exasperation . . .as only a brother can!

Flyin' the Friendly Skies never got easier, Cap!

Rumor has it that Cappie will be bringin his 'uman with him. A double-bonus!! :D


~ Denise ~ said...

awww....Dell, it's ok puppy! Your Auntie Dee will be there before you know it!! ;)

...btw, Cappie looks just as forlorn and ticked off in his new airplane crate as Dell is in the photos! ha

flutter2you said...

Hey - turn the colors back to the other "easy on the eyes" green you had! The red is bothering me!!!
(Of course, having just spent a couple hours crying, my eyes are also red, which didn't help at all!!!)

Have fun with puppies!!

Dawn Sodini said...

The new color is much better than the red. Can you change the font color?

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