Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Change was in my heart. In order to execute the plan, I needed three things:

Baby? Check.

DellDog? Check.

Camera? Check.

It was time for a new venue while waiting for the children. With the wisdom of four months of GPS-ing LA under my belt, I took the most straightforward route I had found yet. Side streets delivered me into a tidy little residential area. Scanning my surroundings, I browsed for the tell-tale park, located next to the Grecian pillars and water fountain.

It had been not much over a week since I'd tread the grassy acre, the same place where we received word of Aubrey's partnership with an agency.

I circled the block once again.

Yet again.

I expanded the perimieter of territory travelled.

I turned on my nuvi, who told me I had already arrived.

Already arrived??

The dainty, well manicured park was lost to me.

I was certain it had not been a figment of my imagination. One hundred familiar landmarks surrounded me, and yet the respite had disappeared, as if by magic, into thin air.

I shrugged my shoulders, and moved on, disappointed.

When the clock struck pick up time, and my car entered NoHo once again. The sight took my breath away ~ a full moon, crowding out all else in the twilight sky, demanding to be known by all. I prayed for a red light, so I could capture the sight on film. Perhaps my photographic intent of the evening was not lost after all!

Alas. I was not to be. This is the result of my non-red-light-had-to-try-it-on-the-fly attempt:

Yet another dismal capture later in the evening, back home.


Forlorn and foiled. The theme of the evening.

1 comment:

Wendy said...

I saw this very same moon here in Florida. It captured my attention and I thought of taking a picture.

I did not. Next time I just might.

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