Thursday, September 18, 2008

Clean House While Ya Can

The ebb and flow of life can be mysterious, can't it?

For the past few days, things have been relatively quiet 'round here. My greatest tasks have been to nurture my family, and my spiritual health, and walk the dog. Oh, sure, there have been task items on the schedule, but they've not been the kind that require great mental acuity, or the nuvi. Therefore, and not suprisingly, I've been a slacker and a sloucher in all things housekeeping.

Enter major discussion surrounding all-things-Hollywood between my husband and I. What is our course of action? Let's scan the horizon, and petition the Lord for fresh coordinates, that we might steer our ship on His waters, not our own. The anchor of the analogical boat having been lowered, obviously brings a sense to that discussion. Is this anchored state part of His directive?


No sooner had we hammered out perspectives and considerations in this discussion, then: what is that we hear? The sounding of the boat: the anchor is being lifted!!

Within minutes of hanging up the phone with the GilGuy, my son, the actor, is suddenly summoned for duty. He's to report not to one, but two . . no, make that three! places at once, it seems.

Well, thankfully, I had just managed to put the finishing touches on the redecorating here at ChoiceCentral. It's nice and neat and tidy. All things in order.

Perhaps I'll manage to get the toilets scrubbed in my real apartment before company arrives . . .

It just goes to show, in our natural day to day living, or in our spiritual health: Ya gotta clean house while ya can.

Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance . . . Matthew 3:8


Joyce said...

Love the new duds! ;)

mary grace said...

Don't you love it when God is prompt? :-)

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