Friday, August 29, 2008

The Game Show Nearest You

The premise of the major network's newest reality game show (the one of which my son, the actor, is shaking in his shoes to promote) has a simple premise: How well do you know your family members? What quirky knowledge and intimate acquaintance do you hold as understanding as you tread the walkway of life?

As of late yesterday afternoon, I confess, I would have lost Round One.

It went down like this:

Gram sent an email which contained an incredibly fantastic over-the-top idea (in my estimation) of the perfect gift with which to bless the birthday boy: an afternoon of sand and surf . . .on a SURFBOARD! the quintessential Californian thing to do. Who could possibly pass up such a grand outing??

I queried my now 14 year old son in a quiet moment.

"Gram is offering you surfboard lessons. Wanna take her up on it?" I asked, with anticipation of his excited, eyes gleaming positive response.

"Hmmm. Nah. I don't think so." came his dry and detached reply.

"WHAT?!" I could hardly contain my incredulousness! Did the boy have a fever? Check his forehead! Then, taking a breath, and calmly bewraying my suprise, I asked, "Why not?"

"Just 'cuz. I'm afraid of the ocean."

At this point, I'm about to fall over.

{clearing my throat} "You are afraid of the ocean?" I, still hiding my amazement, inquire.


"Uh, may I ask why?"

"Sharks, Mom. Sharks."

Who knew? {laughing}

Learnin' my family, one day at a time . . .

And you?


mary grace said...

Sharks. That's all you need to know, you lunatic, throw-caution-to-the-wind Mamma, you!


Doug said...

a smart boy...those waters are swarming with Great Whites..yikes

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