Thursday, August 28, 2008

Banner Day in Hollywood

So, yesterday my son, the actor, and I had the priviledge of being on the grounds of two major production companies. What fruit those two endeavors will bring remains to be seen.

It's quite an event, walking the grounds of the source of too-numerous-to-be-counted creative works that have influenced the culture of America, and even the world. Movie posters . . . er - billboards looming larger than life, making bold declarations of their existance and impact from bygone eras to the movies of tomorrow. These places are little cities unto themselves, complete with studios, golf carts and security personnel on every corner.

Oh. And squirrels.

We were enamored with the squirrels. Amidst all the behind the scenes activities and preparations belonging to a major corporation, the little creatures became our focus, delighting us with thier inquisitive request for foodstuffs.

They were only slightly hesitant. Like a cat, curious, but not willing to be picked up. And, of course, if they discovered the 'uman didn't actually have any treat to hand out, they'd quickly chatter and retreat.

From his cozy spot in the sling, Keller took in the antics of these little guys time and time again.

He watched and watched intently . . .up until it began raining nuts on our heads.

Yep. A squirrel, obviously miffed at us for not giving out any goods, ran up to an overhanging branch and began to shake it, causing nuts to fall everywhere. At this, Israel jumped up, and began to call to the squirrel on high.

Mr. Squirrel could not be appeased.

He nailed Israel in the arm with a nut he had been holding.

I am not kidding.

The squirrel threw a nut at Israel and nailed him!



Meanwhile, upon returning home, we discovered the latest commercial up and running. Have you seen it yet? ABC's Opportunity Knocks promo.

Way cool.

He's the one with the laptop.




The Magnificent Seven said...

typecasting him already huh? :)

Wendy said...

I found a link to the commerical!

Mary said...


Mary (Illini Fan on the Sonlight forums) here! I was sitting in the movie theatre last night preparing to watch Fireproof when they ran this promo! Having followed your "adventure", I said to my husband, "I know that kid!" I couldn't wait to find out if I was right. So cool!


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