Thursday, February 23, 2006

Connect The Dots

{{Yawn}} {{Stretch}} and smile with a deep sense of heart satisfaction. It was just like a Thanksgiving holiday for me yesterday.

Gram is suprisingly spry for her age. (clever, mischievous grin) Regardless of road-weariness, she hopped out of bed and joined me for my daily journeys, and thus my holiday began. :)

Bethany's reaction when we walked into her place of employ was priceless. Tears of astonishment and love rolled down her face, only to turn to thrill as Gram hugged her deep and well. So it was settled. Bethany would join us for supper. Memory Lane was activated.

The discovery that Gram's video camera held my video tapes of ages past was much like an archeological dig! Anticipation gripped us all as we popped the old little black case into it's much newer cousin. click! whirrrr! And we were transported to another age and time.

Laughter roared through our house as we watched mini-Beths and mini-Tiff-sters open Christmas presents with verbal declarations of delight. The adorable Aubrey and her companion puppy Brandy flooded our screen, as well as our heart. Bringing home baby brother Israel left us in a state of awe ~ hearing him sing 'I love you Mommy" at the age of two was amazing.

Yet the dusting off of these relic tapes held a deeper purpose, a connect the dots, if you will. Housed within, visions of a living, breathing, interacting Dad danced across the screen. In the places where impressions only remained, Aubrey and Israel reached out to reconcile them with the imagery before them. While Bethany and Tiffany were 13 and 11 when Larry passed, Aubrey and Israel were much younger at 6 and 4, leaving the younger ones with gaps in recollection.

It was a warm, wonderful evening of family connect the dots. I wonder what color crayons will decorate that framework as Gram's visit with us continues . . .

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