Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Chevy Malibu, State Police, and Little House On The Prairie

It was a wild west adventure, if I ever saw one.

Gram pulled into the driveway around midnight ~ long after the majority of the household usually hits the hay. Tonight, there was only one casualty of the wait: Gil.

The children, on the other hand, could hardly contain their excitement. I finally demanded that they put in the "Little House On the Prairie" video just to keep them semi-still, not knowing the similarities that the frontier series held with Grandama's trip.

I began to note said similarities after the phone call. It came in around 10 pm.

Seems the sheriff had pulled over that Chevy Malibu, traveling a bit too close to the semi in front of it ~ only to find a wearied traveler (Gram) headed the wrong way on the wrong road. Hmmph. What's new?

Grandma Val has a penchant for traveling back roads, in search of the ever elusive 'shortcut'. This one (again) ended up being a long-cut.

But no matter. Gram had courageously traversed uncharted territory, taking the state roads of Oklahoma's western border, clipping the corner of Texas, then (finally) choosing to take a more populated route, I-20 into Jackson.

It's my guess she would've been fine, until I found out that she somehow ended up on Hwy 26 to Poplarville.

Sheesh. It's a good thing that Chevy Malibu caught that sheriff's attention!

Yet and still, the wait for Gram trailed on, as cell phone reception waned, and she found herself driving 'round and 'round the lake, looking for our driveway. Added another half hour to her 15 hour drive.

Maybe she should've taken a covered wagon. Might have gotten here sooner!

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Brandon said...

Hi Angi!

Great to see that you have joined the blogosphere! Hope to read more of the going-ons of life down south!

Love always,


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