Monday, February 20, 2006

Grandma's Coming And The Judge Judy Trial

It only happens once.

Each visit.

The moments in time that leave one suspended in the state of gleeful anticipation and frantic last minute attention-to-detail activities.

She's almost here.

Grandma's arrival is imminent ~ and even the cat is fully aware. Soon a plethora of frenzied greetings and rambunctious laughter is going to descend on our home, much to our delight.

"What state is she in now, Mom?" "Do you think she's in Arkansas?" "Is she sleeping in my room?"

The chatter is nonstop, primarily because I don't have a solid answer.

Yes, you heard me correctly. I do not have a definite time when Grandma will arrive.

You see, she was held up a day or two by a party. A Judge Judy party at that.

My sister and her husband were stars of the show, on Judge Judy.

As my Mom would say, "It's not everyday that your youngest daughter appears on a Nationally Syndicated TV Show." And, more importantly, there is only ONE Post-Debut-On-The-Judge-Judy-Show Party. A certain 'Don't Miss'. It's true. And Judge Judy even supplies the e-greetings to boot. Wow.

So, while I keep the children sated in suspended animation, Grandma travels the distance between South Dakota and Mississippi. Only delayed by a day or two. And a party.

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