Monday, July 28, 2008

Scenes From Saturday In The Park . . .

. . .but not the forth of July!

Saturday in the park held a memory for me. About 15, almost sixteen years ago, my late husband picked me and my bulging eight-month pregnant belly from work, tossed me in the car with a full bladder, and proceeded to drive the four hours one way to Foxboro Stadium to hear one of his fave bands in concert. U2.

Please note I said his fave. Me? Not so much.

Yet here I was, being subjected . . .my yet unborn babe being subjected . . .to the loud, ear piercing sound of electric guitars screeching and squealing louder than loud. To top it off, our seats were in the upper platform of outdoor seating, so I had to maintain my balance going up and down the stairs to find our seats. Have I mentioned my full bladder?

Yup. I maintained all my female dignity through the four hour drive, the realization that the port-o-pottie lines were WAY too long to endure, a four hour concert, and, on the back end of said such concert, the enduring of the port-o-pottie line anyway.

Sheesh! and Egads!

While I survived the camel-like endurance of bladder discomfort that night, something else occurred.

A strange event that still captivates me as I consider it.

I fell in love with U2.

Well, ok. Perhaps "love" is too strong of a word. But I certainly became a fan of the manner in which they put life to a lyric; garner a sound with chord progression; and otherwise entertain a crowd of frenzied groupies dying to catch a glimpse of Bono. Not to mention catch his signature sunglasses as they are tossed over the screaming crowd to some enamored girl-forever-to-be-honored below.

That's how we ended up at the park on Saturday night. I found out U2 was playing. For free.

Gotta get there.

My two teens weren't as enthusiastic as I.
One was down right onery about the whole ordeal. I held sway over her, though. My charming ways and parental firmness put an end to all the sour faces.

In the end, the concert was not as appealing as I would have liked it to be. It stands to reason, however. Who can hold a candle to U2? No, not even the cover band, Hollywood U2 can do it.

At least they had fun trying.

Us? We enjoyed a Saturday in the park.


Dawn said...

Keller gets cuter by the day and Aubrey looks genuinely happy to be with you for the evening.

All Because of You said...

Thanks for sharing a trip down memory lane with us, Angi. I, too, am a HUGE fan of U2!!!! I guess, then you know, that I wasn't so clever as to make up my user name ;)

I'm glad you ended up having a good time!'

Kama :)

Joyce said...

Is this the only announcement of a dead rabbit? :)

(. .my yet unborn babe being subjected . . .)

Beth said...

What a fun day!

mary grace said...

I also love U2.

And mysteries.

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