Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Look Behind The Scenes . . .

Each audition opportunity we've encountered has been as unique and diverse as the sands on the seashore. There is a basic rythym intact: the call, the arrival, the sign-in, the momentary wait, the actual audition, the "Peace-Out" proclaimed from my son's lips, the departure, and, again, the wait.

What is different each time is the location, the casting crew, the group of potential candidates, the mood of the rooom, the seating arrangements . . .

The whole process, accomplished in a direct act of granting privacy - to one another, to the agencies, the casting crew, and so on moves forward like a well-oiled machine. One can imagine, then, the startling difference this one particular day held.

The audition was to be held out of doors. Why? One might ask? What was the reason, the purpose, the task? Let me give you a visual*, by way of explanation:

Yup. Them boyz would be skatin'. Ollies and Short Boys and Half Pipes and Grinds.

Of course, with a host of 11 - 17 year old boys dominating the scene, a casting director, his crew, and a camera[wo]man with a mega cam, I was held at bay with my [relatively] miniscule piece of photographical equipment. This meant that if I were to be capturing any Israeli rad skateboard stunts, they'd have to be snapped after the whole process was said and done.

Therefore, here he is, post-presentation(s) and skateboard skill(s) revealed.
(Remember, Choosers: You saw it here first on ChoiceCentral. Your place to get all the latest and greatest Hollywood action.)

Even if that 'Hollywood action' happens to be a boy, an adventure, and a MEGA-halfpipe. :)

"Til tomorrow . . .


*Photograph courtesy of


Dawn said...

He's "movin' on up..."

Joyce said...

What a fun audition... I'd think! ;)

Wendy said...

Pretty cool how Israel just happened to find that skateboard that day, huh.

What a blessing.


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