Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Escape From The Cement Jungle (sorta.)

I had discovered it about a month ago, while we were out on one of our appointed jaunts. The name drew me in, and I simply had to do a drive by. The Johnny Carson Park proved to be a beautiful respite from the oppression of the city, even though NBC studios and more encased the greenery with a skyscraper fenceline and a freeway thoroughfare.

Had I not had the visual, I would have never ventured there on my own on class night. But I had, and so, Nuvi in hand, on a whim, I checked the distance to and from.


Destination Johnny was underway!

I'm so grateful for the jogging stroller Gil provided for us when we arrived. It is perfect for all kinds of terrain, and I've used it repeatedly in very strange circumstances.

This particular evening, it delivered a baby, a dog, books and a blanket to a scenic little cove just above the stream, dotted with rocks and outcroppings. The grass was incredibly green, the birds singing, an ever-so-slight breeze was blowing, and the powerlines zinged and zanged up above. Add a distant sound of traffic, and I was in a virtual haven from all things citi-fied. I think.

At least it came close. :)

For more than an hour we reclined, fully enjoying the out of doors for all it was worth. Take a moment with me, and relax.

Well, as you can see, the DellDog had a tough time relaxing. The next scent always seemed to elude him behind yet another blade of grass. And, since he was on virtual tie-down and unable to run free, his nose would have to do his walking for him.

Shifting between sniffing and playing guard dog was a good diversion for him, I'd say. Everybody needs a little variety now and then.

Especially when one contends on a daily basis with the Cement Jungle.

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