Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Say "Bye-Bye!"

This hairstyle has been my signature look time and time again. I'm not one to be afraid of change, or to not want to try different styles . . .it's just that in this particular cut, I get the most reaction out of people.

You know, strangers running me down, asking me where I get my haircut.

Friends and family giving me compliments.

So, I know the style looks good framing my face.

But I'm bored.

I want something different.

I'm tired of blowdrying. I'm tired of straightening.

I want my natural curls to be freed.

I want to hop out of the shower and toss my head and be ready to go.

At the same time, I want a groovy, fresh, trendy cut ~ one that might actually require my hair to be longer.

I'm in a quandry.

What on earth shall I do?

Well, barring any on-call activity, this afternoon I'll sit in Toni's chair, and after a window of time, I'll stand again, a new, fresh look encircling my locks.

Stay tuned . . .


Annette said...

Oh, I can't wait to see pictures of your new cut. I'm a wash and go kinda girl. I have longish hair with lots of natural curl/wave. A lot of time my hair is cutest (is that a word?) when I've showered in the evening and go to bed with a damp head. Nice and bouncy and fresh in the morning :).

You better post pictures today!

Annette in MN

Joyce said...

I'm almost liking my wash & go haircut.

Can't wait to see the results! :-)

Wendy said...



LeAnne said...

oh fun!

when i get haircuts i tend to go drastic.

i believe its more fun that way!

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