Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Message In A Bottle

So, um . . .is there some type of cryptic message, floating out there in the airwaves of the atmosphere, that just happens to land on the beach of the local salon, only to be discovered by and in the hands of a stylist the minute I sit down in his chair?

Because, try as I might, I can't seem to escape the code.

Maybe it's mixed up in my DNA somehow, and a hairdresser can 'read' the matrix? Is it written on my face? Is it etched in every strand of my hair?

Egads! I just don't know.

Try as I might to persuade him, he persuaded me that I 'had a great cut,' it just needed to be lightened up . . .it needed a trendy edge . . .it needed his skilled technique to unlock the *pop*.

Uh, yeah.

So, here I am. Unwittingly the victim chained to status quo.

Will I ever escape???

Alas, I'm not overly thrilled, but I'm not upset, either. We'll see how long I endure the bandaid. :D

So. Are you ready? Can you take another round of self portraits? Let's plan on a laugh or two . . .shall we???

YIKES! Now that is {{scary!!}} Let's try that again!

Er, methinks I'm camera challenged today. Call the boy child! He'll have to take pics!

Alright. Side 1. Short. Nice lines. Ok. Of course, what is that big THING at the back of my neck?? sheesh! So much for photographic ambiance!

Side two: again, nice lines, a soft, gentle bang frames my eye socket.

Ha! Eye socket. (You can tell I've only had one cup of coffee, can't ya?!)

Oh! Here we are, back to side 1. This time, a bit more light, a better view. Not too shabby. Note how well the boychild framed me within the window casing. That's cool.

Ah. The Back. The dream of every woman this side of the Mississippi River. Or, perhaps those Southern Girls on the eastern edge. Hey, where do I live?? Where do I belong?!? Ah. The stabilizing factor of a signature haircut.

And, for this photo, I have no comment. Except perhaps: "Egads!" or "Yikes!" or "Sheesh!" or . . .

Well . . .I"ll leave off speaking for now. Maybe, after I drink another cup of coffee or two, I'll console myself by washing my hair, and doing it my way. Maybe then I'll feel like a new woman.



Anonymous said...

Maybe its me but I 'm w/ you. It looks fine as any cut you have but I 'm not sure it "unlocked that pop" were looking for. Have a good day gorgeous!

Karen/flutter2you said...

Hi -

I have to comment....

Remember that haircut in NH? The one where you ended up with two "fangs" on your neck??? You were horrified, but it grew out...

Seems the stylist wanted to do her own thing here in NH and this guy in CA did too.

That's reeeeaaaally short... I'd say this is the first time yours is shorter than mine!

You'll get used to it....and make sure you take pictures and share them after you do your own thing.

Hadias said...

I like the cut, although it is a bit short. I have an appointment at the hair salon on friday and there will be no unlocking of any pop.

My husband would be dissapointed to say the least if I were to cut my hair. When I met him I wore my hair in a short cut like the one that you have now.

Thanks for visiting. I've missed you.

BTW, You must have an amazing morning routine because everytime you post a picture your face is done up...I N-V-U

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