Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Haircut, Day 2

I did it.

I washed and styled in my own fashion, and was fully intent on bringing my blog-0-spheric companions a pictorial update. Of course, that was before I spent my late afternoon and evening hours on the I-405. :D

Sliding into my cozy internet spot late, I could not help but grin from ear to ear on two accounts: Hadias and my lifetime friend Karen.

Karen dutifully reminded me:

Remember that haircut in NH? The one where you ended up with two "fangs" on your neck??? You were horrified, but it grew out...

AAack!! Indeed, I had the illusion of 'vampire teeth' at the nape of my neck, all in the name of artistic styling . . .egads! Was I ever glad that grew out! LOLOL

Hadias took me down a different thought-path:

BTW, You must have an amazing morning routine because everytime you post a picture your face is done up...I N-V-U

Ha! 'Tis to laugh! LOL So, today, instead of a 'poppin' haircut' a glimpse of reality, blog-o-style! All in honor (and to the relief of) Hadias and my readership at large!

I love makeup. But, I don't feel as though I need it to be 'pretty' or 'look my best'. I don't mind going barefaced, or with just a touch of mascara. I won't flinch in a public arena without it.

Yet, day after day, most of the time, I tenderly take out that color pallette and play. Such effort might hide a shadow here or there, or the freckles I've got, or that new hormonally induced dark patch. The day wears on, and ultimately closes with my mascara intact on my lashes ~ all because I've a notoriously bad habit of sleeping with my make up on.

Not a good practice . . .I know, I know.

So, you may wish to avert your eyes, because this picture, and the ones following are bonafide, true, first thing in the morning pics of my arising with the sun. Ready?

Yup. There it is. Eyeliner and all. A bit smuged and smeared, but intact.

We could all begin singing right now, the infamous Dolly Parton song:

I stumble out of bed,

And into the kitchen,

Pour myself a cup of ambition . . .

and yawn, and stretch, and try to come to life . . .

Because I immediately head for the coffee pot:

And generally, while that is brewing, I take Dell out for his morning potty break (of which he is incredible grateful!). Snuggling with him briefly, I take note of the status of said such coffee: Is it done yet?

Since it's not, I stroll down the hall, to find my son, wide awake, in the bed, playing SuperBaby with Dad. Who can resist but to join in?

And then, coffee brewed, I begin my morning routine:

  • Quiet Time, with Bible reading and prayer
  • A quick glance at the news headlines, and a read of one or two articles
  • My internet routine, complete with a blog update, all while feeding the baby, snug in his bumbo seat next to me
  • Then, when he's sufficiently full, and I've finished my reading and posting, FINALLY, a shower, when all becomes right with the world, and I'm ready to tackle the day . . .

So, to be envied? Hmm. Me thinks not. To be enjoyed? Most certainly. :)

Breathe that sigh of relief, Choosers. I'm not as glamourous as one might think! :D

Enjoy your day!

1 comment:

Hadias said...

I used to sleep woth my make-up on which is what caused me to stop putting it on daily. Some nights I was just to tired/lazy to clean my face.

I didn't know that you had freckles. Thanks for sharing your morning.

Anyhow you still look amazing in your blog photos.

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