Thursday, June 12, 2008

Agile Angi

The day would have liked to have never stopped!

Twists and turns marked yesterday like a pot-hole littered street. Thankfully, the cushion of patience and a willingness to flex padded the impact.

I'm not sure which event takes presidence for me in terms of remarkable, or memory-making, or even most important. What I know is that the Lord directed our steps, and when it was all said and done, I look back in review and say wow.

The List:

  • We met a unique brother in the Lord yesterday. A planned event which edified all.
  • Tiffany faced LAX on her own, as she and Bethany flew out on different flights. When I asked her if she felt confident in navigating as we prepared to part, she said, "Yes." That's my girl! :)
  • Due to an action step on Israel's course, we had the opportunity to set foot inside a major market studio, responsible for a large portion of viewing entertainment in the industry. What a neat-o event that was!
  • A "drive by" of the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Bethany's benefit produced a spectacular sight: the opening of Mike Myers new film, the Love Guru, had beckoned crowds beyond number, police, limos, and wierdos. All in one fell swoop. Wow. [said tounge in cheek!]
  • I once again navigated ribbons of unfamiliar freeway like I've done it all my life. And when the guy in the little blue bug-like car crossed three lanes, cut me off and shot me the bird . . .I smiled and waved cheerfully - all the while wondering what on earth I had done to receive that, since he was the one misbehaving on the highway. I hope he made it where he needed to go safely.

Those bullet points are just the highlights of the day. When my road-weary body finally stretched out on the mattress for the night, I could hear my muscles in unison, say "Ahhhhhhh!" :D

Yet that window of rest was only for the night. I find that yesterday's flurry of activity only serves to set me up for much admin today. If you're willing, please lift up a prayer for me, as I shuffle through details.

And to console yourself, over lack of promised photos, please be advised I have them! and . . .a fresh installment of the KBoyz Konversation Korner will be up and running tomorrow!

1 comment:

MS Sis said...

Glad you are safe and sound no thanks to you know who. I am sure have handled the admin as the professional you are. I know you can't wait for the human love of your life to arrive tomorrow. Enjoy! Happy B-day!!! and Happy Anniversary!!! a couple of days early.

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