Friday, June 13, 2008

Konversation Korner, Volume 6: Kountry Kitchen Klatch

"It's breakfast time, Keeton!" said Keller, with a sense of adventure.

"I see you are enjoying something new! What is that? Can I have some?"

"Oh, look! Mommy has already given me some. Lessee . . .a mandarin orange. You are so quiet, Keeton. It MUST be good!"

"EGADS! That is smoooshy! ugh! I can't believe I put that in my mouth!" Keller continued .

"Keeton? Keeton, I wish you'd SAY something, instead of stuffing your face. What? You LIKE these oranges, or something? Sheesh! Maybe I ought to reconsider. Now, where'd that orange go?"

"Oh, I see it. Just a second."

"I think I can reach it. Lemme try . . .Keeton! Are you gonna help me or not?!? Are you STILL stuffin' your face?"

"Allright . . .one more time! Let's try this again! . . . ewwwww! I'ma tryin'. New things eventually grow on ya, eh, Keet?" said Keller, making faces all the while.

Keeton, happiest in the 'kitchen' continued his smorgashboard, nary sayin' a word . . .


mary grace said...

Too funny! Oliver likes mandarin oranges, too. But they don't like him, unfortunately ... well, they don't like his diapers. How's that? :-)

Beth said...

Too cute!

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