Friday, April 11, 2008


Pssst! Hey you! Come here!

Wanna see some serious reading?

I mean REAL serious??

Take a look:

I had just walked past him on the porch. He was completely oblivious to me. I decided I needed to see just how honest an ignore that really was!

Sneaking up to the window with the camera was no easy chore, as the DellDog was anxiously waiting inside, for his moment of release to rejoin the boy in frivolity, and plenty of sniff time outside. He jumped up on the couch, and threatened to move the blinds out of the way ~ I stopped him dead in his tracks!

I managed to get a pretty good glimpse of the Studious One. Of course, holding still never was one of his finer points:

Read and Twitch and Read and Shuffle!

Read and Bend and Read and Stretch!

Read and Touch Your Toes!

Finally convinced that he wasn't spoofing me, I put the camera away.

But wait! What was that sound?


The firetruck.

So long, son . . .have a good time chasing after the adventure . . .

and oh! will you be taking Dell with you??


1 comment:

marygrace :-) said...

These are the moments.

Right there.

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