Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Little Boy Blue Eyes

Little Boy Blue-Eyes
Come to Gram's arms
She'll hug you and hold you
She'll keep you from harm!
Where is the boy, who looks after his mom?
He's safe at his Gram's house, nice and warm.
I had put in my request early enough, I felt.
Boy or Girl, either model. Just please secure the genetic code to produce blue eyes and dark, dark brown or black hair.
A simple request, really.
Well, my handsome L'il Man Keller has solidly brown eyes. He's shaping up to have some form of brown hair, but not so dark.
Alas! Now, I must live vicariously through blondie-boy Keeton's baby blues.
I suppose that's not all that bad. ")


Beth said...

So precious!
I love your poem.

Joyce said...

Those eyes.....

But you know that I think those dark eyes on Keller are too! ;)

And here, I was after dark eyes and dark hair.... sigh...

Oh Joy! said...


he's a cute little guy! I love this pic! His lips!! he's sooo cute!! His eyes!! {sigh} I've always wanted a child with blue eyes!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Keeton's "Gram"

You do such neat blog entries - I fully expect to see a completed scrapbooking page to capture this awesome poem and beautiful picture! Keeton needs to have that to look back on in the future - !!

Love you,
Ceanna and Madi's "Grandma"

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