Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Give Me A Biscuit, And No One Gets Hurt

It was bound to happen.

Dang rumor-mill.

The DellDog heard tell that he's got a half-brother roamin' 'round the country side, and he's demanding Familial Rights.

"I want. to. meet. my. brother!" He's stated his opinion clearly.


We might have a muntiny on our hands!

To purchase a doggy plane ticket, or not to purchase a doggy plane ticket? This is the question.

At the very least, I'll bring him home some pictures of his new pesky L'il Bro.

I wonder if I have enough biscuits to keep him at bay that long . . .


Beth said...

Are you getting a new furbaby?

Dawn said...

Are you going to see the new bro? to bring back pix. I'm sure Dell and the new lil' guy will get along splendidly. Oh, best wishes wrangling the K-boys and the D- boys.

D said...

oh, Dell...please come to Virginia! Cappie is longing to see you. (and, me too!)

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