Monday, February 18, 2008

Tickets: Check.

I am certain that my friend Jules was speaking of a plane ticket to her place as I shared that decisions were on the table the other day . . .and, while I would love that her hunch was correct, alas, I am sorry to say, she is not. (Sorry, Jules.) ")

She was, however, in very close proximity intuition-wise on our forward motion meditations. It is now official.

Dvd's have been received and reviewed.

They'll be leaving on a jet plane. Soon. My GilGuy and the IsraeliBoy.

Ah. The next chapter in the adventure begins.


Hadias said...

I am uploading my photos now. I will be back to check out yours in a moment.

Sunshyne said...

Soooo...can we see the DVD somehow? :P

WTG, Israel! I know you must be very excited for your boy!

Doug said...

Hey, don't be surprised if Gill gets offered a part in a movie while hes out there....

Joyce said...

Well, this was sort of what I was expecting. :)

Bummed about the missed visit. Don't you think that when my ds graduates, I would get a trip somewhere? :D

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