Monday, February 18, 2008

Blogger Craft Club: Project #3

As mentioned previously, the project I am showcasing today comes directly from the seed of the idea planted in me by BCC's founder, Hadias! How refreshing to have such a simple task put before me. I even added a matching item or two . . .take a look:
I decided these chairs were in dire need of a refurb ~ a new look!

So, I set about removing the chair base from each one to cover in fabric, and a clear vinyl, to extend the life of said such fabric. ")

I did not do any fancy measuring. Just an eyeball cut, fold, and staple. As you can see, the DellDog was very interested in what I was doing!

The first base took me an hour to complete, not all my tools were in one place, and Mr. KellerMan was quite verbal about my newfound interest! LOL Each subsequent base (four in all) took approximately 15-20 minutes each. What a breeze! Why hadn't I thought of this before?!? Thanks, Hadias! :)

I had excess fabric left over, so I set about making good use of it. A simple valance to grace the window . . .

and four chairback covers, to bring it all together! Both 'extra's' were without any technicality more than an eyeball measure and a thought out process. (As noted by my slightly off-kilter hem on the valence, and the very snug fit of the chaircover! LOL)

Our dining room has taken on new life! It looks elegant and special, like a place reserved for kings. One of whom is more than welcome!

Lift up your heads, O ye gates; even lift them up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory? The LORD of
hosts, he is the King of glory. Selah. Psalm 24: 7-8

Thanks, Hadias, for the great idea!

Well . . .what do you all think? ")


temmy said...


My seat covers are shredded from children who pick and the padding has been fodder for the dog and cats to play with. It is just too embarrassing to even think about posting before pictures on my blog. I NEED to redo them!

And no sewing involved for the seat covers is a bonus! (I don't own a sewing machine...)

What do you recommend for padding? I have never done this before and am not sure if I can just go with something simple or if there is something in particular that is best to use.

Mr. Bird would be so surprised if I did this without any prompting from him. ;) Although we've sworn we weren't going to replace much of anything until the kids are out of the nest, this would be something quick and inexpensive to spruce things up.

Hadias said...

Awwwwww. I really like what you have done. I'll bet the diningroom does look so different. The colors are beautiful. Very regal. I love the window treatment. I will be copying that for my den. Did you just cut a rectangle and cut contrasting strips?

When I do my downstairs valances I will post pictures.

I hope that your family is enjoying your efforts to beautify your home.

"She looketh well to the ways of her household"

Thanks for posting Ang. I have my project up as well.

My daughter is bummed because her project is not turning right. She was trying to make the pattern that she had posted about on her blog. Hopefully it will come together for her.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

~ Angi :) said...

Temmy~ I did have the bonus of having the chair pads still intact! However, I'd say with a twenty dollar bill, you'd easily be able to replace four chair pads. Square foam pads can be had just about anywhere, in any thickness. Add to that, my fabric was a remnant. I paid about $10 for it off the sale table at the local fabric table. Because of this, I was willing to purchase a compliment fabric at almost full price, since I needed less than three yards of it. The entire redo for me was about $25 and some time. Not too shabby. Jump in! Give it a go . . .!! :D

Hadias ~ Thank you! :) And yes on the cut(s). I visualized my finished product first, then cut accordingly, as my contrast fabric has a diamond inlay. I wanted to showcase that,and not have the diamond askew. :)

Anonymous said...

IT is all so beautiful..I can't wait to see them with my eyes and view the completed task")

fatiah said...

Angi your dining make-over is certainly worth much more than $25. And I'm sure the satisfaction is unmeasurable. Thank BBC for getting us going.

Joyce said...

This is terrific!! Love the chairs and all! Way to go!

I have 6 to do but the chairs all need glued and clamped first. *sigh*

birthblessed said...

Hey this is so cool! I need to do SOMEthing with mine too, but they don't have any upholstery to change. I need to paint or something. And make or buy cushions, maybe?

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog too-- no she's not PT, just starting. but she is so cute in her panties!

D said...

nice work! so...maybe you could do mine, eh? lol

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