Monday, February 04, 2008

Hurrah! For Education!

(Or at the very least, the opportunity to get out of the house!)

Once more, I download the contents of my camera to my hard drive only to discover my son has absconded with said such tool, and utilized it for all sorts of media pursuits.

Video clips, serial photos, and random weirdo items are archived on the small chip. (Hence, the library photo shoot. I only wonder where the librarian was during all of this?)

I am now tasked with perusing the whole lot, and determining the fate of each and every item. (Often to his dismay.)

More often than not, I find a slew of photos that simply take me by a wonderful heart suprise. In these, I relish, as I know my boy will not always be thirteen behind a camera.

An education in and of itself, for me.


Dawn said...

He left some great pictures on your camera. My daughter is always using my camera also but they're usually pictures of the floor, the cat, or other pictures :)

dlyn said...

My first visit to your blog and it is great - I will be back to see you again!

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