Monday, February 04, 2008

Blogger Craft Club: Project # 2

I am over the top excited!! A weekend shopping trip produced unexpected, immediate finds for my plans to cover the partial-nudity of my windows! Here are the fabrics I've discovered:

Exhibit A:
This pale sage green/soft yellow/blue striped fabric is sheer and flow-y. I knew *immediately* it was what I was looking for to put in the family room. The area has a horse motif, with a honeyed oak fireplace, a wainscot, hunter green carpet, and a denim blue furniture set. I needed a fabric to pull the carpet and the furniture together, that also lent itself to a warm, den-like feel. This is perfect!

I'll be pairing the plaid with a muslin lining, to give it body. The muslin will also show (if I follow through with my plans for jabots) and add an additional touch of warmth to the appearance and 'feel' of the coupling. I'll be doing this drapery set first! :)

Exhibit B:

Look at this rich, luxurious paislied print, will ya? Another immediate 'knowing' that I'd found the right piece . . .this time for the Master bedroom. The master bedroom has honeyed oak furniture, and a full bath, for which I desire to create a window valance, and a swag set for the mirrors above the bathtub. Alas, this fabric was a remnant, and I've not enough to do the entirety of the project with it alone. Therefore, I'll be searching for a suitable companion fabric for this project, that the paisley might be an accent, rather than the primary piece. I LOVE this print!!

Exhibit C:

The camera does not do this fabric justice. It is a heavy weight golden diamond print with maroon and hunter green accents. When I laid eyes on it, I, again, immediately knew what I would do with it . . .something unexpected . . .something seeded in me without my full awareness: I am going to re-upholster our dining room chair pads in this print (thanks, Hadias!!) and create a matching valance or swag to pull the dining room together!

The 'Drapery Project' has been on my mind for years. Had it not been for Hadias' decision to do the BCC, I might not have ever jumped up and accomplished the task. What is it about women sharing that compells us to forward motion? I suppose in some way, the BCC is reflective of the quilting days of old, when women would gather to sew, and share. I personally feel a quiet sense of gratefulness that I've others to collaborate with.

Happy Project Making, y'all ~


Hadias said...

Hey Angie. Thanks for the reminder. I have been checking things off of my to-do-list and didn't even have this task listed. I will have it up shortly. Thanks.

Hadias said...

Hey Ang. The post is up.

Hadias said...

Awwww. I love the maroon and hunter grean fabric. That is the smae color scheme in my ajoined living and dining room. I love the pattern. Before I scrolled down to read the full post I immediately loved the pattern and invisioned it on my chairs. I love it.

I also agree with what you said regarding the days of old. There are so many women within walking distance of my home that work outside the home and do not share similar interest. Therefore I find myself alone in being able to share things such as crafting or the memories that a particular cookbook holds.

I think that the internet has allowed us to undo the seperation between homemaking women caused by the influx of women entering the work force. We don't have to feel alone odd and overwhelmed because there are women like us even if only inline.

I personally don't have anything against women working outside of the home under certain circumstances, but I do believe that women are able to reach thier full potential when they are free to manage thier homes while learning to be succesful at it.

Wow that was a mouthful. Can't wait to see your finished work. Especially the chairs.

Lynne said...

Beautiful fabrics! I especially love that paisley! Great finds and I can't wait to see your finished projects!
I finished my bag project this week and posted pictures. Hope you come check it out. :-D

fatia said...

You've got a handful to do now with the windows and the dining projects but it will be rewarding. It's really fun looking at BCC members progress.

Anonymous said...

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