Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yeah, I'm Hip.

I just figured it out.

Boy, do I feel like a brain.

I can't decide who is to blame, though, for my newfound skill, and the tardiness of it's arrival.

Should I focus on my son, who, with his hard earned money, purchased one over the internet, then tracked down the devious delivery guy?

Or, should I put crosshairs on John, who, for the last month or so, has been piping in music to his living room?

Of course, it could be Denises' fault. She's the wife of a techie hubby, and spends her workout hours listening to one. (She told me so.)

Hm. Since I'm not able to narrow the line up to sufficiently choose, I'll return to my original assessment:

I'm one hip Gram.

Listenin' to my newly minted favorite Bible study via podcast. Yes, ladies and gents, I've discovered the MP3 player ~ and I'm proud of it! [Only a few years behind the times, eh?]

Keeton, my very hip grandson, gave me a high-five as a celebratory act. ")

Therefore, I've decided to turn my joy outward!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog-cast ~ It's the first day of February ~ a fantastic day for a giveaway!

Now tell me.

Be honest.

Have YOU figured YOUR son's MP3 player out yet? Hmmmmm???? ")


Oh Joy! said...

No, I haven't.

I don't need to... he doesn't have one! Does that make you feel better?

Hadias said...

I adore my (SON'S) MP3 player. I only use it for music but have found that I can put books on it as well.

Thanks for commenting on my post. I am very proud of her and am blessed beyond measure that she is so receptive. I t wasn't always like this. God is good.

Sunshyne said...

My *son's* mp3 player? Uh, no. I have two of my own...and I'm hearing impaired! :P I have a cool new IPOD Nano and Nike Plus (my accelerometer for measuring my runs). Ain't that cool?

Joyce said...

My son would LOVE an MP3 player. :) Alas, dd just got her first IPod w/ Jan work money and a huge discount from her boss at the electronics store.

The rest of us... nadda!

Monica aka Olive2Read said...

I'll have you know that *I* was the first at my house to own her very own mp3 player! My wonderful hubby gave it to me for my birthday in December. And yes, I have figured it out...and it only took me two weeks of having it sit on my dest staring at me before I was brave enough to dive in and learn how to use it!!!

Renae said...

I won an iPod! How cool is that? I am the only one in my family with one, but nobody wants to listen to my old lady music anyway. :)

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