Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Boxes, Boys, And The UPS

Question: Can YOU see these numbers??

Evidently all the hard work and loving, practical effort my GilGuy invested in creating this mongo-sized house sign was to no avail. You see, the UPS guy couldn't find us yesterday ~ even though these numbers stand over five inches high, and are clearly visible from the road. Nor could he find us, even though he regularly delivers to our house. Nope.

The UPS guy made a decision. That decision, according to official UPS Tracking Records was this: Customer Moved.

Customer Moved?


Egads! and Oh, please!!

My delightful, dutiful son had already waited a week for his package: an mp3 player he had purchased himself online. How could this delivery service deny him any longer?

Enter: SUPERMom! Saving the day was her only recourse for this dastardly UPS deed.

A phone call to UPSCentral, and with one swift executive move, the article was rendered sequestered to the UPS warehouse downtown. SUPERMom was ready and willing to wisk the young man to the operation headquarters to retrieve his much awaited device!

Upon slipping past the high chain link fence that surrounded the warehouse, maneuvering the mulitude of big brown bus-like trucks that were scurrying hither and yon across the grounds, the SUPERMom and her enterage stood under the glaring flourescent lights. The sun had already set, and night had fallen as a host of brown-uniform clad employees were pushing buttons, pushing boxes, and swiping stickers in a furiously fast paced action.

SUPERMom, Israel, and Keller stood, like a speck of insignificant dust in the midst of the flurry. The boys were keenly interested. The conveyor belt moved boxes, envelopes, and even a person(!) down a long corridor made of big brown bus-like bottoms of trucks. Employees shouted to one another above the noise. Trucks moved, coming and going. Computer operators shouted instructions above the din.

It was a veritable brown box ant farm, and we were not simply watching from outside the glass case, we were IN the glass case!

"We're not ignoring you, ma'am," said a graceful female employee, who stuck out like a sore thumb in her administrative, indoor office attire as she stuck yet another sticker on a package. "We've got to catch a plane!" With that, she shouted above the noise to catch the attention of another employee.

The wait was not long, but long enough for Israel to investigate all kinds of stickers on boxes, box shapes, and destinations on labels. ~And to successfully avoid being knocked in the head by a falling trolley!

Keller's interest was keen as well. His darting eyes and edible ears made the heart of SUPERMom flutter as the first notes of boyhood curiousity rose within him.

Quickly, and without much fanfare the package was retrieved.

A boy was happy.

And SUPERMom once again saved the day.


Kim & Dave said...

Oh, you had a NIGHTMARE w/ UPS, too.

DH ordered me a Christmas present that I did not get until like the 3rd of JAN!!

They kept telling us that the pkg had been re-routed to Chyenne, WY!!!

For like a week, according to their tracking system, that's where it sat!!

OOOOOH. DH was SO unhappy!

Monica aka Olive2Read said...

Lucky you. Unfortunately, my trips to the local big-brown-truck garage have never been that exciting--usually just a nice long wait in a dirty, smelly office at the front of the building. Sounds like you had a field trip!

Dawn said...

Yeah Supermom! You turned a annoying situation into a learning experience. I'm waiting for the brown truck myself today- very anxiously.

Joyce said...

You ARE supermom! Woo-hoo!!

I'm shocked they let you go and get it back from the warehouse. Shocked!

And amazed....

I really shouldn't be....

Did you just say, "Hi this is Angi," and the waters parted?

~ Angi :) said...

bwahaha!! J! Why, yes . . .! How'd you know! :) LOLOL

ups has held us all captive at one moment or another I suppose. :)

All Boys for Me said...

Nary a dull moment in as life with teens and tinys, huh?!?! Welcome to the circus! Glad to have you along! :o)

MandyMom.com said...

I never received a package (supposedly delivered by UPS) from my brother last spring. I even went door to door down my street to see if someone else got it (because our address numbers are a bit out of order).


Btw, I forgot to tell you (but maybe you read about it on my blog) about http://heartofthematteronline.com. PRobably has a lot of people you already read there!

MandyMom.com said...

OHH! And most of all, thank you for the prayer!

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