Monday, January 07, 2008

Blogger Craft Club -or- Karen, This Blog Is For You. Memory Lane, Perhaps? :)

On Aubrey's fourteenth birthday, I presented her with a sewing machine. We went to the fabric store, chose patterns and fabric, and had grandious plans that she would enter the world of "seamstri" [the plural of seamstress! LOL] world with great bliss.

The reality was that it took us three-quarters of the year to complete project #1!! [*sigh*] However, that project was successful, and produced a cute little purse that looks like this:
For Aubrey's fifteenth birthday, I have scheduled her to attend a sewing class at the end of this month. I want to add to her rudimentary knowledge derived from the completion of one project, and allow her to hear instructions from someone other than me.
Meanwhile, I'm planning a second purse, same pattern, with the elements shown below. This one will actually depart from the original pattern to allow for an internal lining, and a 'checkerboard' effect alternating the light brown and chocolate light cordoroy.

With this project, I enter the Blogger's Craft Club, sponsored by Hadias. While I will most likely be presenting a finished project on January 28, the official start date of BCC, it will serve as my first project for the BCC this year.

I'd like to complete several other projects, including new draperies for several rooms in my home.

We'll see how well this adventure tracks ~ with two babies in our midst, schooling, and the various and sundry items that we call life! I'm up for it . . .how 'bout you?

If you are a visiting BCC gal, please use Mr. Linky to track! :)


Hadias said...

I can't wait to see your finished project Angi. I checked out Chayil's project's and she has some cute creations going on over on her blog also.

Thank you for posting about the BCC.

Joyce said...

Yeah for sewing!! :)

Is the BCC just for sewing Christmas presents early?

~ Angi :) said...

nopers. YOU should join in the fun,Jules . . .getcherself some exposure. WE could all take tips/instructions from YOU!!! :):):)

Joyce said...

OK, I'm in! I need people!

Chayil said...

Thanks for the response on my blog Angi :-) It would be great fun if you joined me on some of the crafs always great to see how a project looks when made by someone else. We have a simular goal, making new draperies, I need to make some for the living room, my eldest son his room and the master bedroom. The fabric I want is a bit expensive so I am waiting for it to go on sale LOL

Your daughter did a great job on the purse! I know she will enjoy sewinglessons I loved them when I was that age and I am still loving them now that I am a lil older ;-)

Lynne said...

That such a cute bag! I'm sewing my way in to the BCC also. :-D

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