Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sugar In My Soup

Denise had evoked the delicate fragrance and taste of Jasmine tea to the forefront of my senses earlier this week. I had a craving.

Imagine my delight when I walked into CoffeeFusion tonight, and I-Spied Jasmine Tea prominently displayed on the menu board. WOOHoo! :)

Jodi walked in about the time I took my fist sip of the aromatic brew. My every tastebud stood alert to capture the sheer melodic liquid . . .

and then I grimaced.

Yes. I said I grimaced.


Stopped dead in my taste-budial tracks.

It was filled with a syrup-y sugar that made my head swim.


I tried to take it back.

It appears that CoffeeFusion only serves pre-medicated-with-twenty-times-more-than-the-natural-body-requires-sugar-content-teas.


Jodi liked it.

So, I returned home to open a can of Vegetable Soup.

I asked Gil if he wanted a bowl.

He said no.

I ate out of the sauce-pot.

Gil asked me if he could have a taste.

I think his left eye will heal from the damage done by the emergent talon that suddenly protruded from my right hand and swatted him. :)

Rule #1: Do not add sugar to the Jasmine Tea.

Rule #2: Do not take soup from the Hungry Pregnant Jasmine Tea Deprived woman across the table from you.

You are liable to get sugar in your soup.


Sunshyne said...

Meanwhile... I was being beautified at Chuck Kelly's (bankruptcy!) and treated myself to a Santa Fe Chicken panini and the BEST Chai Latte ever at Nezaty's Cafe.

Nice job protecting your soup!

D said...

Chickie..nice use of the rules. Let me add ...

Jasmine Rule #3: Nada, no touchee the tea 'cept if it's Splenda!


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