Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A Very Special Day Indeed . . .

It's her fifteenth birthday. My AubreyGirl . . .she's only grown in beauty. May the Lord grant her to grow in wisdom and stature, in favor with both God and mankind. May she grow to be a vessel of honor for His noble purposes.

The Birthday Girl will be enjoying a delicious, decadent chocolate cheesecake as her birthday special . . .and TWO of YOU will soon be enjoying delights of eye and ear! :)

I stand some impressed with the mental prowess of womankind at large. While everyone saw the condensation on the wine glass in various forms, I am not penalizing anyone for choosing 'water' over the white wine that filled the glass ~ although several were suspect a libation of some sort was involved! :) CONGRATULATIONS, O WISE ONES!! So, without further ado, let's draw for prize #1, shall we???

Here is the preparatory phase. [Gil says next time we'll do a random Excel drawing. YeeHaw! High Tech!]
He hasn't suggested any automation for the slicing and dicing . . . .

I suggest the Birthday Girl do the honors!

And the WINNER of SOVERIEGN GOD is (drum roll, please . . .)



And, as a BONUS, I've made an executive decision. While none spoke of the *mystery descriptive* I mentioned (which was: a picture of a wet road taken in a rear view mirror at night), I stood in AMAZEMENT at (once again) the mental prowess and imagery that three individuals did think up:

TBird (Hi Tem!) said: it almost looks like ice skaters on a frozen pond with a Christmas tree in the middle the way the light bounces off the glass.

Joyce said (in clever dictation): I'll bet its a shoe you've been waiting to wear,With some frosty dew from the cool morning air.

Andrea said (with great humor): It looks like a silicone implant just taken out of the fridge.

Therefore, because it's my drawing, and I can make up the rules, I tossed these three into the hat . . .er, on the table:

And Birthday Girl drew the WINNER:

WOOHOOO!! {{SNOOPYDANCE!!}} YEEHAW! CELEBRATE!! Joyce, you've gotcherself an AWESOME music cd! :)

Janet, Joyce: email me at JaJireh at yahoo dot com with your address, and your happies will be on thier way! :)

I've officially decided that contests are FUN! I do believe I'll be sharing some more of my favorite things as blessings to you this year, out here in the blogosphere! :)

Now, off to partake in some fun and frivolity for the Birthday Girl . . .

Happy New Year, everyone. May the Lord work in you to do both of His will, and His good pleasure in the days to come . . .


Janet said...

Wooohoooo! I came home from church this morning and decided to check out your blog! What a great start to the New Year - Thank you for blessing me with this book!

Off to eat M&Ms for lunch to celebrate :)

Josiah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joyce said...

Yippee!! Can I come and pick it up in person?


I'll email you my addy. *sigh*

Happy Birthday Aubrey!

~ Angi :) said...

You are welcome, Janet! Please send me your email so that I can put your book in the mail to you!! :)

Jules: Gil told me I should mark the winners "will call", so that you'd HAVE to show up here! LOLOL

What fun! This could get addicting! (in a good way, of course!) LOLOL

Hadias said...

Hey Angie, I was looking at your pictures and immediately noticed that our daughters have the same pink plaid pajama pants. How cool are they?

Wishing your daughter a happy 15th.

Joyce said...

Gil says it is OK that I come? Wow what a great guy! ;)

I'm nearly ready to have a side stop when dh & I take our anniv trip to a warm & sunny beach!

Renae said...

What a fun way to start the New Year. And "Happy Birthday" to your daughter!

Janet said...

Hi Angi -
I sent an email yesterday afternoon - am trusting it got through okay. If not, I guess I'll just have to joing Joyce and come down in person ;-)

And another Happy Birthday to Aubrey - looks like y'all know how to throw a party!


Andrea said...

I would like a recount please.


(okay...Okay...Congrats Joyce. hmfp. hehe.)

t.bird said...

Wow! I was actually part of an executive decision. Cool!

Happy Birthday to Aubrey (late I know). I have a daughter who just turned 15 the week before Christmas.

Here's to a great year for all!

Joyce said...

WooHoo it arrived, I've listened, and I love it! :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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