Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I hesitate to be the ever-loving relative that takes an innocent bystander on a browse through the family photo album, picture by picture, with running commentary on "Aunt Susie and her carbuncle" or "Uncle Festus when he won the bowling tournament with a monkey on his head . . ." Yet, if I promise to spare you THAT type of suffering, would you like to take a peek into the birthday festivities?? Hmmmm? It won't be painful, I promise! And, for my single readers out there, you *might* just discover that I've added a tidbit or two just for you! :) Ready?

Photo 1. This, my dear readers, is a picture of

a. The result of a public school edumacation in our lowly state, as evidenced by the grammatical skills of the [adult] cake decorator at large, who printed loverly birthday greetings upon Birthday Girl's birthday cake. and

b. Superstar Aubrey. Grinning. :)

Photo 2. Our friend, Doug, added a touch of flair to said such Birthday Girl's birthday cake. In lieu of candles, tiny umbrellas:

Photo 3. In light of our recent study of China, and the knowledge that they were the inventors of umbrellas, perfect!

Photo 4. Upon further discussion . . .

Photo 5. It was decided that an alternative location for said such candles . . .er, I mean umbrellas . . . was in order:

Photo 6. Hmmm. What have we here? What is she doing, so close to the fire?

Photo 7. OH! She's got firepower! All the better to set off fireworks with!
Photo 8. And run for cover!!
Photo 9. Hmm. Whom have we here? Lessee . . .Becca, Aubrey, and . . .and. . .John! :) Oh, my! He's cute. He's single. He's radically saved. Me thinks he's available . . .any takers??? :) I'll soon be sharing a bit about this great guy. Stay tuned for more. [Better yet, go gather your single girlfriends, and let them know we've got prospects!!]
Photo 10 and 11. No birthday is complete with out a life lesson of some sort. Here, Doug teaches John's dog, Chase, the finer points in body language. i.e. how to smile for the chicks. All in an effort to help John as he searches for the right girl, of course! :)

Photo 12. Chase, however, feels as tho he already has it figured out. He knows how to impress the gals, all on his own charm and personna:

I spare my readers the skip-bo game. The moment when Chase stole the loaf of bread from the counter top, and the ensuing chaos. The chaos at large in a group of 6 adults, two teens, one 4 year old, a one year old, and Keller St. John . . . egads! :)

Yep. It was a pretty special birthday celebration. Quite fitting for a brand new 15 year old.



Joyce said...

Oh Aubrey, couldn't your decorator just added an apostrophe and the "e"?


Looks yummy anyway!

Dawn said...

Those are fun pictures. Happy birthday to your daughter.

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