Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Closes Well

To celebrate, I provide you with my latest, and most recent photographic masterpiece. [If I do say so myself!] And my very first contest. WooHoo! :)

I've had several folk (including my beloved husband) perplexed as to the content of this photo. I'm curious to note the intellectual capacity of my readership. Therefore, the contest will go as follows:

Submit your description of what this photographed object(s) is in the comment section. Of all the submissions which correctly depict said such subject matter, those names will be placed in a drawing. The first name drawn will recieve a copy of David Eells book: Sovereign God:

Secondly, as I've shared my excitement over this particular capture, I've had a very unique descriptive of the content of this photo: TWICE. It has intrigued me. Therefore, the individual who uses this *mystery descriptive* will be the winner of Andrew Eastmond's music cd, Precious Jesus:

In the event that more than one of you respond with the *mystery descriptive*, a drawing will discover the winner. :)

How's that for a little New Year's Eve fun and frivolity? :)

The winner(s) will be announced tomorrow morning!

Now get choppin'! Sharpen those pencils! Decode the mystery!


Kim & Dave said...

Looks like a goblet that has frost on it. Filled w/ water??

Although that would most likely break the glass....I don't know.

Janet said...

Looks to me like a goblet of ice water (with condesation), and some very cool back-lighting (which really adds to the picture; and maybe the glass was given a slight swirl, based on the waves at the surface.

Beautiful picture!

Jan said...

It is gorgeous picture -- others have said water - I will say ice cold vodka (for photography purposes only, of course). :)

HeartnSoul said...

Hmm well I can't see that it's an inverted photo enhancement trick... It's a refreshing ice cold libation of some sort :D

thanks for stopping by my blog - I always hope Christmas isn't about the secular things here too, but focusing on gifts for each other seems to take over. I'm thinking maybe changing that to a different day.. I stil think studying scriptural history about the birth of Christ at this time is good.

aka /CuriousCat @ HSB

t.bird said...

I agree that it looks like a wine glass with water.

But if you look at it in a different light, it almost looks like ice skaters on a frozen pond with a Christmas tree in the middle the way the light bounces off the glass.

Great photo!

Jodi said...

I also beleive it is a wine glass...and water w/ condensation was the first thing I would have guessed... HOWEVER, my second guess was milk perhaps?? ...BUT AFTER FURTHER ANALYSIS, (and in the spirit of the season) I am going to make a wild stab at EGGNOG!!! And that, dear friends, is my Final Answer. (fingers crossed)

Dawn said...

My first thought was a wine glass with ice cold water but now that everyone else is saying the same thing- I'm second guessing myself!

Joyce said...

Why for a contest on New Year's Eve
Would Angi go posting and not let us leave
without a comment or answer for her?

My guess oh so odd, so confused, so strange
But I think you are going out for a show!

In a dress oh so fancy, plain sneakers won't do
I'll bet its a shoe you've been waiting to wear,
With some frosty dew from the cool morning air.

C said...

my vote would be a wine glass with vold champagne in it - causing the condensation :)

cool picture!


Robyn Jones said...

My vote is with the wine glass of chilled water....

Good pic!

Doug said...

I think its looking down a certain street in Memphis and if you look hard enough you can see Elvis crossing the street....whatever the case....fabulous prizes you are offering. You may want to add a free trip to see Andrew Eastmond live Feb 3rd 08 in Lacombe, expenses not included....

Doug Hanson

Andrea said...


It looks like a silicone implant just taken out of the fridge.

(did I make ya lol?)

Happy New Year from Guatemala!

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