Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Pit

The disappointment descended upon Aubrey as a torrent of hot, profuse tears and the need to remove herself from everyone's space.
As I'd left Gil and the baby at the hotel to handle this task, I stood alone in the gap between the knowledge of loss and the knowledge of a primary step of success. I felt my heart drop; then split into two halves, each in need of accomplishing action items of expression for each child, respectively.

Another mother stood nearby, and, while not oblivious to the tidal wave that had just crashed into the shoreline of our lives, handled the matter the best way she knew how. She began small talk.

EGADS! [The word that fits so many occassions] My mind raced through the conversation, desparate to separate myself and celebrate with Israel - and rescue my daughter, who now stood some distance away, disheveled.

Finally, as graciously as I could, I stepped away, took Israel by the arm with a victorious punch of the air and eyes open wide and laughing with excitement, all without one spoken word. We both strode large steps to catch up with the beautiful braid that now wandered less without purpose; more with resolute steps that said "get me outta here!"

We did. Silently, the three of us walked the crisp night air three blocks to the vehicle. And then, it happened.

Israel spoke.

There are times when a mother knows she's instilled good in her child because it bubbles to the surface and exposes itself for all the world to see. The young boy at my side revealed the inner workings of a man in the making; a gentleman who walks in humility of mind and heart.

"Aubrey, I'm so sorry this happened. I know your presentation was good, and that you wanted this very much. I wish it were you, instead of me, that had gotten the callback."

I was stunned. Aubrey did not respond. I suddenly knew that I had an even deeper job to do ~ restore Aubrey's vision.
The next few hours were spent ministering to the heart of both children. Israel had taken on a sense of guilt at the lack of Aubrey's ability to respond well to him, and Aubrey had flat out crashed and burned.

Slowly, though, the message crept into her range of thinking: "Aubrey, this event is not over. The door of opportunity has not shut. Tomorrow is your day to shine. Tomorrow, you know not what the Lord might do. Remember, in Facing the Giants, they lost the game. It looked like it was all over. Yet God chose to move on thier behalf because of thier heart attitude. Look up ~ and give your best. Including finding the place in your heart where you can truly express good towards your brother. It's not over until it's over!"

"Israel, this is a gift to you. Embrace it, and recognize that the Lord is working in Aubrey's heart for His good purpose. Allow Him to work with you here, in this place, where promotion has been granted to you. Use the opportunity well. Leave your best on the field."

Somewhere between tear number 4,652 and the opportunity to hop in the jacuzzi, Aubrey began smiling. The Lord had given me wisdom, and a mouth to speak well to her, but more importantly, opened her heart to hear.

Swimsuits donned, the dynamic duo left the room for some hot tub time. Now, it was time for rest. Keller style.

After all, it was only a few hours until daybreak, when once again we'd have to rise, bringing our best to the field of dreams that Aubrey had so earnestly prayed for.


Sunshyne said...

What a sweet, intense story! But...you must stop posting Keller pictures. I'm getting these horrible bouts of baby fever...meshed with the fact that my husband WANTS another. AAAAAACK. Stop the madness!

Your kiddos are great, btw! The boys have been talking about Israel some this week, and he's getting more handsome each day!

Oh Joy! said...

Awww!! That is such a sweet story - isn't it amazing how God can give us the words of wisdom to speak to our children? I'm looking forward to the story tomorrow... but fear strikes within because I know it's wordless wednesday... can't you just break that curse for 1 day??

Derek said...

Your doing a great job Mama. Your kids sound like class acts.

Kim & Dave said...

The Lord sure gave you the right words!

What an outstanding way for your guy to behave!

Kim & Dave said...

The Lord sure gave you the right words!

What an outstanding way for your guy to behave!

Kim & Dave said...

How did it post twice????

Oh, well.....may you feel EXTRA love!! :-)

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