Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Of Catwalks And Callbacks - Part 2

The day dawned fresh - and buzzing. We had adjusted attitudes, refreshed vision, and most importantly, we had prayed. There we were, in a crowd of dreamers and their support systems, waiting for the doors to open.

Today was the day.

Today the agents would view and decide forward motion for many.

To those who received a call back, the opportunity to step into the process of engaging employment in a diverse industry.

To those who did not receive a call back, a place of decision. Would they continue to pursue their dream, or would they allow the dream to die? Would they utilize persistence and find other opportunities, or would they wither and wallow in a sense of defeat? Each would choose his or her own path.

All of that could be pondered later. For now, there was a task at hand. Each individual would present thier ability in being themselves, and revealing their inherit personna.

The agenda was set: Catwalk. Photo Review. Monologue Presentations.

The doors swept open, and a living river of people rushed in as if a dam had burst. Before we knew it, Aubrey and Israel’s numbers had been called.

Catwalk. There she was. Cute. Confident. Unique among all the other girls. A fifteen year old girl who could easily pass for a twelve year old, both in form and innocence.

Israel went next.

The Photo Review. Side by side they walked. Talked. Smiled.

The gentleman with the blue shirt with his back to the camera is from MTV. The woman to his left, Classic Entertainment.

Finally, the closing section:

Monologue Presentations.


Dawn said...

Cute monologue, cute kid!

Joyce said...

Wow! Between the circus of life here.... I've just caught up...


Hanging on with all the others...

Oh Joy! said...

CUTE KID!!! His monologue is adorable! I loved watching him! His smile is sooo infectious!

OK!!! Miss Pioneer... tell us the whole thing!!!

marygrace :-) said...


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