Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pan To Commercial Break

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for a word from our sponsor ~

[Big Voice Booms In Voiceover] Do you struggle each morning as to which vowel to place before the other? Are you embarrassed because your quotation marks always land in the improper spot?

Look no further for your answer to these and other very important blogging questions! The Big Red Book of Basic English Grammar can solve your spelling woes! Ease your punctuation peril! Take a look!

[camera pans to well dressed, 50's style student, who is reading the book and smiling]

[voice over returns] Yes, ladies and gentlemen! $19.95 plus shipping and handling! . . .

[commercial scratches to a halt . . .A wild-eyed ChoiceCentral author looms ahead in the screen]

$19.95 . . .AND an EMAIL from your MOTHER!!

Well, ok. Not YOUR mother . . .MY mother. aka The Grammar Guru!

Yes . . .my delightful, unassuming, gentile, gracious mother felt it was best for the blogosphere at large that I correct a few *ahem* mistakes.

Well, ok.


One mistake.

Change T H I E R to T H E I R.

Seems I have a little habit of mispelling that word.

Then there is my GilGuy - He felt compelled to inform me a few days ago that my punctuation when working with quotes was incorrect.


Humph! There is only one answer to all of this! It's time for a little PUNCT-uation! PUN-PUN-PUN-PUNCT-uation!

Ah. *sigh.*

There. I feel much better now.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog-cast.

*No Mother's were harmed during this blogosphereic rant.

Love you, Mom! :)


t.bird said...

I saw that too, but since I'm not one for casting the first stone and all...


Monica said...

You're killing us, dear! Will you please finish the story already!? At the rate you're going, Keller is going to be a teenager before we know how everything turned out! ;P

Oh Joy! said...


Who asked for commercials? I don't pay attention to those things... Writing is an expression of one's thoughts... so who cares if they can't spell their or thier - she probably shouldn't be homeschooling her kids... they'll be messed up for life... ;)

Keller is CUTE!!! I can't believe how he looks just like Gil! Wow. Does he have the same Gil mannerisms?

Angela Klocke said...

Would this be a bad time to tell you to remove the apostrophe from "mother's" at the end?

*ducks and runs*

Hey, you look beautiful today! :D

~ Angi :) said...

BWAHAAAHAAA! T, Ang . . .I'm humbled that you'd even notice.

[said Angi innocently, making mental note to install spell check, grammar check, and use them regularly!]


agk said...

It's an unfortunate OCD/perfection issue I have with myself :D

It could be worse. You COULD have to live with me!

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