Monday, January 21, 2008

Of Catwalks And Callbacks, Part 1

The day had flown by.

Young and old alike had been educated in an environment free from marketing frills or emotional hype. I found myself pleased that we'd come. After all ~ if this TRULY was Aubrey's desired course of action, she needed to hear and know on the front end that employment in the entertainment/advertising industry was not simply handed to the one who wanted it. Being employable meant an individual would have to hone, and possibly learn new skills.

One such skill involved the catwalk. Aubrey and Israel had been in another room, presenting thier monologue, while DiDiayer gave catwalk instructions in the main auditorium. She stood, and talked, and moved in one graceful brushstroke of an artists' tool. Mesmerized by her freshness, attune to her positive outlook, I anxiously awaited the children's return. I really wanted them to hear her. Her task? Instruction on how to present yourself well from the platform.

Return they did! Just in time to take thier place in line, numerical order, and rehearse.

The catwalk session closed out the day. The room continued to buzz with an ever-increasing excitement. All monologues had been presented, and all that remained was the wait to discover who made the callback sheet.

We sauntered to a local Mexican restaurant for the two hour wait. Both Aubrey and Israel were pleased with thier original presentation. Little did we know that our exhortation from earlier in the day would be pivotal in the entirety of the weekend.

"Remember Facing The Giants? Leave nothing on the field. Do your personal best. If we win, we give God the glory. If we lose, we give God the glory."

The place of tension between excitement of and for one child and the disappointment of and for another is so real and palpable; such a tightwire to walk . . .and we found ourselves right smack in the middle of it as we returned to find the results.

Israel's monologue presentation had earned him the priviledge of presenting on the platform the next day, in front of a host of agents.

On the list, Aubrey's number was no where to be found . . .


Oh Joy! said...

Oh nice... so you're keeping me in suspense about the outcome... lil Miss Pioneer.

I can't imagine the disappointment for Aubrey. :( However, Israel looks so adorable!

Aunt Karen/flutter2you said...

You've been learning too many tricks from PW!!! STOP WITH THE WAITING!!! INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW!!!!!!


Oh Aubrey, I hope it was just an oversight and they forgot your number - ...

And Israel - (hearbreaker lad!) - what did you think?????

Can't wait to find out what's next - and it BETTER BE TOMORROW!!!!!

t.bird said...

You do realize that the edge of my seat is not a very comfortable position and you are keeping me there, don't you?

What a tough position to be in so far...

Still holding my breath!

Dawn said...

I've been enjoying this ongoing story that you've been sharing. You've got me looking forward to your posts each day. I feel so bad for Aubrey. I'm looking forward to hearing about your son's callback.

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