Friday, November 30, 2007

Trailblazin'!! (yeah. right.)

It was absolutely GORGEOUS outside today. Therefore, I made a spontaneous executive decision that we'd do all of our corporate reading under the big blue canopy of sky.

As I contemplated the trampoline as our destination, my brain kicked into high gear. Suddenly, we were going hiking, picnicing AND reading on a local National Forest Trail. I had a quaint little bridge crossing the creek, under the pines in mind for our luncheon engagement with nature. [Note this stunning shot I took, evidence of my happy little plan:]

Hmm. My happy, brilliant plan, while not foiled, certainly took us on an unexpected adventure! Since the hurricane, the trails have been under clean-up, and have therefore been cordoned off ~ and new ones opened. Our little bridge was off limits, so we chose a spot, dusted away the pine straw, and there enjoyed our sandwiches and readers.

Afterwards, in a burst of energy, we decided to follow an unknown fork for a bit, to see if our hunch that it would lead us back to the starting point was correct. A good half mile into the jaunt, we could hear the highway. This kept us moving forward.

Well, we found the highway allright . . .

Half a mile south of our vehicle, and right beside the main artery that runs the full length of the state! We were suddenly eye candy for every car, truck and semi that passed by at lightening fast speed. Israel decided it was time to document!

Can you imagine, seeing a woman, baby in sling, bag over her shoulder, traipsing down the road with two children?? Egads! What a sight! I hope the gawkers don't run off the road into us!

Aubrey was more than willing to present herself as roadkill. That, or hitch a ride on the back of the next '57 Chevy that passed by.

Fortunately for all, we were not run down by some speeding motorist. Aubrey's flip flops did not break under the strain of hillside walking. Keller was none the worse for wear , (okay,so he had NO idea anything at all was going on . . .he was napping!), and Israel chronicled the whole debacle for the benefit of the blogosphere. Or his latest cinemetography phase. Whichever you prefer.



Kim & Dave said...

Too funny!

Especially the part about passing motorists gwaking!!!!


Doug said...

whoa!! Thats reminds me of an episode of the twilight Zone!!!

flutter2you said...

Okay, I see jackets on those pedestrians - what does that mean? The temperature has dropped to 60?????? LOLOL

Beth said...

It sounds like a great spur of the moment fieldtrip. Was it cold yesterday?! We were running around in short sleeves & shorts!

Wendy said...

Fun Mom story Angi.

BTW You are looking rather trim and sassy in the picture behind Aubrey.

Sportin' jeans and lookin' like one hot Mama!

You go girl!

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