Sunday, December 02, 2007

When Your Son Owns A Camera, Part II

It's a comfortable Sunday morning. My coffee is brewed to perfection, and tastes just right. All is well in my world.

I, the unsuspecting victim, decide to scroll through Israel's photo file to pull a recent capture he made of Aubrey, a stunning profile in natural lighting. A click here, a click there, as the electronic format elicits digital images for me. I find the file labeled "Israel".

I open it.

I fall over.

Inside, I find a series of unique and captivating pictures that immediately won my heart. I mentally awarded my newly dubbed Cinemetography Boy a trophy.

Which should I share with the blogosphere first? Which would my readership most prefer? I choose the first my eyes had seen, in an effort to share with you a fraction of my utter amazement.
Without further ado, I present Israel's rendition of the DellDog:


Joy Joy Joy, can you hear me? said...

WOW... that is a GOOD pic - very artistic and creative... is he homeschooled?? Does he drink a lot of Cool-Aid??

It's amazing... I absolutely love it... I love it more than Pioneer Woman's cows...

Joyce said...

Totally cool!

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