Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Cryptic Message To Beth S (or) A Smother-Mother's Worst Fear

At which moment [smother moms] would you feel your most intense anxiety? Hmmmmmmm?

At lift off?

What about during the long jump?

Are the tree branches just a *wee bit* too close for comfort??

Allow me to ease your troubled mind. I grant a smidgen of perspective for you:

The safety net is properly in place . . .

And the stunt-boy skilled at his trade . . .

Not to mention all boy. Didja take a look at those FEET? Egads!

So how 'bout it? Can your son come over and play?!? Huh? Can he? Please??!?


Beth said...

I'll send my son over to play...but I really want him back completely intact! So...when you want him?

Wendy said...

Speaking as a card carrying member of the Smother Mother's Union...


Love you...

~ Angi :) said...

bwa hahaha!!!


I did. not.know.

You hide it so well!!!


Wendy said...

Angi I made hide it well but NONE of my children have ever broken a bone or needed stitches, yet.

I have two still under my care.


Joyce said...

I'll send my son over but I must bring him... he only has his permit. :)

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