Friday, November 09, 2007

The Photo Shoot, Part 2: Feline Fetish

Aubrey and Israel did not stick to one subject matter whilst they had the camera. Nope. I'm fairly certain Aubrey coerced Israel to take pictures of her favorite subject: her cats! Mr. Blue Eyes, known around here as Glider, is all about the fame and fortune. Just like the Breck Girl. Notice how he's edged his way to the FRONT of the picture space! :)

Of course, every gal must get her beauty sleep, and be assured of a sunny glow! Skittles is no exeption. She's caught here taking in a few rays, in her fave tanning bed. However, we really must speak to her about her waistline. Seems she is taking in a few extra calories between photography sessions:

See her lickin' her chops? I wonder if it was the champagne or the caviar she found so delicious??

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