Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Photo Shoot

It was quite apparent when I downloaded pictures from my camera that the kids had absconded with the device of thier own accord.

Evidently they were in cahoots to produce photos worthy of capturing the eye of some producer of something, somewhere, and thereby create an income stream for themselves.

For instance, this photo of the ruggedly handsome son of mine, Israel, could easily parlay him into stardom with a tagline such as: "Tough. Ford Tough." The only problem is, that's a Chevy truck behind him. I think a better idea would be to toss an orange vest over his sweatshirt, and photograph him as a son, deer hunting with his father. (Not that his father does that sort of thing, mind you.)

Then, there is Aubrey. I'm not quite sure which company she had in mind when Israel took this shot, but I suppose we *could* ressurect the Breck Girl.

Hmmm. Maybe a more realistic offer could come from the makers of duck blinds. Er, no, I mean deer stands. Hunters everywhere would flock to retailers, just to catch a glimpse of the DeerStandGirl.

Thier creativity did not end there, I'm here to tell ya. No sooner did I scroll through portrait after portrait, than I found a very interesting photo. One which has it's own intrinsic draw and value:

Ah. Herein we see the artist aplomb to his canvas. The poet imbedded in his muse.
The . . .well, you get the point.

Some folks will do anything for a buck.



Joyce said...

Yep... Breck Girl!

I have a Ford he can stand in front of.... ;)

But the shadow... rotfl!!!

Joy Joy Joy, can you hear me? said...

LOL!! I LOVED the last picture!! That is hilarious!! I can see the shadow of the ladder! That is definitely creative!! :)

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