Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tea-sing The Tastebuds

My earliest memories consist of cold winter mornings, peanut butter toast and hot tea. Mom never failed to make sure the warm, delicious beverage was made available after a romp in the snow, or if my sister and I were under the weather. Hot Tea was the staple 'feel good' drink. It ministered to more than just the body ~ it spoke cheer and love to our soul.
Tea is vital to our well-being even today. I've passed the tradition on to my children; not many evenings go by without the tea kettle being fired up, and several cups brewed.
We're fascinated with the variety and flavors that each blend brings. Orange Pekoe and Black teas; Greens and Whites; Flavored and Decaf . . . Yes, our pantry looks like a Who's Who list among the Tea Elite. Yet in a day wherein the medical community is touting this benefit and that ~ they fail to see what we already know. The homefires burn brighter with a cup of tea and a loved one to share it.
The benefit of heart that cannot be erased.
Thanks, Mom. :)

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